禹州市凯美机械制造有限公司,是生产水力挖填机组、泥浆泵、吸沙泵( 耐磨吸砂泵,河南砂泵,抽砂泵)的厂家,产品( 耐磨吸砂泵,河南砂泵,抽砂泵)广泛适用于吸取江、河、湖底的沙浆、挖塘、清淤、造纸、陶瓷、盐业、矿业、城镇排污、有色金属及洼地改造,黄金选矿,基础工程等场所。拥有比较精密设备及比较先进的制造工艺,可靠的检测手段。产品( 耐磨吸砂泵,河南砂泵,抽砂泵)畅销全国各地,远销海外,深受广大用户的好评。

本厂产品,性能稳定、寿命长、能耗低, 使用、维护、安装方便,体积小,重量轻,有无电源均可作业。

本厂重合同,守信用,零部件齐全,供货及时,可代为用户选型,技术指导,现场安装调试,根据用户需要,专业设计制造用户满意的产品。 欢迎广大客户光临指导、来人、来函联系,我们竭诚为您服务。

服务宗旨: 诚信服务客户 质量开拓市场 满足用户需求!

YU TONG Machinery factory, locating in Fan Po township YuZhou city HeNan province, is a professional factory who produces slurry pumps, sand pumps, and machine sets for digging  and filling up the ponds. Our products are widely used in suctions of sand in rivers and lakes, digging ponds, claring up muck, paper making, ceramics as well as salt mining and other minings industry. Besides, our products can be used in pollution discharge, the improvement of basin and other basic projects. our products can be ided into nine series, including  more than 30 kinds of products Our factory possesses exact equipment, advanced manufacturing technology as well  as reasonable  measuring  methods. Our productshave been widely saled in China, and got highly praises from hundreds of thousands  of customers.

Our products have three distinguished features: 1. our products have stable performance, and a longer working lives, but consume less energy. 2. our products are in small size and light, so it is convinient to set up, use and maintain. 3. our products can be drived by electricalpower as well as mechanical power.

It is our permanent principle that contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained.Besides, we can also offer some other services: 1. we can supply spare parts of our products in time. 2. we can also help buyers to choose products and provide technical advice, performance teston spot. 3. we can design the very products according to your requirs.

we welcome at home and abroad customer come over and consult ordering wholeheartedly.We are ready and eager to serve you.

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